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Offering Back Pain Relief Through Inversion Therapy

Inversion Table Benefits for Back Pain
The effects of gravity on the human body are reversed by hanging inverted, and hanging inverted can be accomplished easily with the use of an Inverter Table. When inverted, tension on the spine is relieved and vertebrae are separated, easing pressure on the discs. If a disc has slipped (herniated), instant relief from pain is possible through a release of the "pinched" nerve as it returns to its normal position. Displaced vertebrae (the cause of back pain), are realigned and muscle spasms are reduced. The Invertrac® is a bent-knee inversion table that offers inversion therapy. Many common or chronic back pain conditions may respond well to this type of treatment.

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The INVERTRAC® Inversion Traction Unit has many benefits...

  • Counters the degenerative effects of gravity.

  • Allows for the benefits of spinal decompression without trauma to ankle, knee, or hip joints.

  • Allows for inversion in the bent knee position by flattening out the lumbar curve, maximizing traction to this area.

  • Helps eliminate stress and tension by stretching spine and back muscles.

  • Enhances circulation.

  • Is easy to use, as the user gently settles into the inverted position, providing back pain relief.

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